Gule / Yellows; 2012: site specific installation; tarpaulins, eyelits, rope; H2.6m x W10m & H3.2m x W15m

This work was created for the sculpture biennial Sommerskulptur Søby, DK. 60 and 40-year-old
tarpaulins from Søby Shipyard were relocated to two buildings nearby and combined with new
pieces of the same yellow tarpaulin. This resulted in two compositions of various yellows which
echoed the many yellow buildings in the area. The work explores how one material can be used
in terms of its sculptural qualities. It is also a study of where the work begins and ends, and the
extent to which the environment becomes part of the work. The work encourages the
viewer to scrutinise the surroundings primarily in terms of their colours, shapes and textures.

Supported by Statens kunstfond / The Danish Art Council